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A prestigious ‘Yogi of the Year Award’ by Yoga Journal Singapore was presented to a yoga practitioner which has contributed the most effort in providing opportunities for new comers to experience yoga and improve the social status of yoga in the community. This year, accomplished singer/songwriter and the founder of the Yogaonethatiwant (YOTIW) chain of yoga studios, Atilia Haron was given the award as Yoga Journal believe that Atilia has played an impactful role in influencing many individuals regardless of race and religion to open their minds to practice yoga and reap its physical and mental benefits

Yoga Journal in Japan has started giving this award since 2014 and has since presented the award annually to yoga practitioners who contributed the most in influencing others to experience yoga during the Organic Life Tokyo festival in Japan.

Yoga People of The Year Japan

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“I am very thankful to receive this respected Yogi of the Year award by Yoga Journal and will continue to play my part in spreading my love for yoga to the local community. I believe that yoga has played a huge role in my life, as I learned to be a calm and balanced person through the practice. I wish for others to also experience the same joy that it gave me”, said Atilia Haron.

Yoga Journal Singapore’s Niloufer Jamal presenting the award of Yogi of The Year to Atilia Haron on 25 Aug 2018.

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We are delighted with the chance to be presenting the first-ever Yogi of The Year Award at the recent Organic Life KL 2018.