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Sze Sze

Blindfold Yoga / Arm Balances and Inversions for Beginners


Sze is the founder and the principal yoga teacher of Sze Yoga studio. She is an experienced and passionate yoga teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience registered with US Yoga Alliance (E-RYT500).

Sze founded Sze Yoga Studio in the year 2009 and started delivering her message through yoga. Throughout these years, Sze attended training with Paul Grilley, Edward Clark, Jamie Clarke, Dulce Aguilar, Nikki Durrant, Duncan Wong, Michelle Papa, Jean Byrne, Karen Wightman & Acacia Jade for Yin Yoga, Rocket Yoga, Mandala Vinyasa, Tripsichore Yoga, Yogic Art, Pre/Postnatal Yoga, Kid’s Yoga & Aerial Yoga.

Sze believes that no matter whom you are, there is always YOGA for you! You have to find the yoga style which suits you as everyone is unique and different. Those who attended Sze’s class described Sze as a gentle yet confident, patience & supportive yoga instructor. They enjoy and love going to her class as it helps them to release tension, allowing them to feel calm & peaceful after.  

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Arm Balances & Inversions For Beginners by Sze Sze

Friday · Aug 30, 2019 · 16:30 → 18:30 @ Under The Light Yoga Studio



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