Mariana Sin

Dynamic Sequences & Restorative Practice 

Founder at Kamalini Yoga | Medan, Indonesia

Mariana Sin is an experienced Iyengar Yoga teacher who hails from Medan, Indonesia. She has been a practitioner and teacher for over 10 years, covering various styles like Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow and primarily gaining mastery in the Iyengar method.

Trained in exotic Bali, Mariana earned her vast experience as a student of noted teachers Ann Barros and Rita Kosasi. Her passion for the Iyengar style led her to complete teacher training under the tutelage of Olop Arpipi, a celebrated senior Iyengar teacher from Bali. In 2017, Mariana received a scholarship from the Indian Consulate in Medan to attend training in the Svayasa University of Bangalore, where her studies evolved to encompass yoga philosophy and Kriya yoga. She has also taught in Adelaide.

Mariana teaches yoga in the spirit of Iyengar, placing emphasis on proper alignment while paying close attention to the inner workings of the body. Her focus on traditional yoga promotes a deeper understanding of body, mind and soul. 

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Dynamic Sequences by Mariana Sin

Saturday · Aug 31, 2019 · 08:30 → 09:00 @ Whitebox

Restorative Practice by Mariana Sin

Saturday · Aug 31, 2019 · 14:30 → 16:00 @ Blackbox



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