Kylie Denis


Kylie Denis

founder at Omology Studio | Kuala Lumpur

Kylie began her yoga journey humbly in her hometown of Ottawa, Canada. Yoga quickly became an important part of her daily life as she learned to cultivate inner peace, strength and confidence through her evolving practice. It was during a short stint working in South East Asia that Kylie landed in Kuala Lumpur where an opportunity to attend a Yoga Teacher Training course at Yogshakti later presented itself. The rest, as they say, is history!

Yoga has been a grounding force for Kylie and has helped her move through life’s challenging moments with grace and courage. Her practice varies widely from strong, Hatha Vinyasa based sequences, to softer, more relaxing Yin/Restorative postures (and sometimes a fusion of both!). Kylie loves connecting with others on the mat and enjoys seeing how yoga can inspire students to leave their comfort zone and trust in new beginnings.

She brings to her classes her passion for yoga and a sense of humour, approaching sequences and postures with an air of playfulness and adventure. In establishing Omology, she hopes to foster an environment where students will feel comfortable and safe embarking on their own unique yoga journey.

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Afternoon Yoga by Kylie Denis

Saturday · Aug 31, 2019 · 14:30 → 16:00 @ The Square



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