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Yogacharya Hemanth is the founder of Sadhana Yoga. Amongst his peers, he is the youngest founder of a new school in yoga history. He uses pioneer techniques incorporating the meticulous use of breath to guide students in achieving a tranquil mind and mastery of their bodies and breath.

Yogacharya Hemanth was born and raised in Mysore, the mother land of modern yoga, and quite naturally came under the guidance of many outstanding South Indian Yoga teachers in the yoga tradition. He has been practicing and studying yoga uninterruptedly for over 25 years, starting from the tender age of 6. Thereafter, he decided to focus on researching different areas of yoga to further his practice. Though fully aware that Yoga is not about competition or prizes, he frequently got invited to Indian Yoga competitions from the age of 7 and was regularly awarded prizes.

His education in Yoga started with B. Shantharam, with whom he learned and practiced the complete system of Raja Yoga. Subsequently, he studied and practiced under the guidance of other yoga masters and gained invaluable insights from south Indian Yoga gurus Malladihalli Sri Raghavendra Swamiji and Sri T. Krisnmacharya. Hemanth was continually guided by the ruminations of the father of modern yoga Krishnamacharya in his scriptures. His teaching style is full of vitality, thoughtful consideration, meticulous advice, easily understood explications of seemingly incomprehensible Yoga philosophies and deep wisdom, to say nothing of a sense of humor in teaching.

Hemanth founded his own yoga school, Sadhana Yoga, which is rooted in the Raja Yoga tradition. Though the school is based on the highest standards of ancient raja yoga it is especially well adapted to society's needs nowadays. It is through focusing on a new breathing technique, stemmed from authentic raja yoga asanas (a controlled Sadhana using concentration with specific breathing technique) that brings mastery of asanas and breath. After having continuously studied and practiced yoga everyday and living the life of a yogi since the age of six, Master Hemanth decided to travel abroad, in order to disseminate the traditional teachings of Sadhana Yoga.

In 2008, he came to Beijing and he started teaching local Chinese people and it became apparent to him that even dedicated yoga practitioners had a superficial understanding of yoga, and therefore they were stuck in the limited practice of yoga, not at all as deep as it should have been. 

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