Our Presenters

The Line-up

This year focuses on uniting the root of Yoga within oneself, the people and the environment. You will find that our classes as well as holistic workshops will help you discover, practice and fully immerse yourself in Yoga from our many line-ups. Our complementary community classes at the outdoor section of Publika will be offered from sunrise to sunset. Don’t just take our word for it, see how our last event turned out to be. There’s just a whole of lot discoveries awaiting for your presence.


Yan and Manuel

Atilia Haron

All Rasid Shariff

Esther Leong

Alan Chin

Felice Puah

CK Ooi (Damon)

Farhana Abdul Wahab

Asako Suehiro

Cay Mee Yap

Doreen Ng

Darren Chen

James Wong

Jo'Liv Kok

Edric Yee

Josephine Chan

Kevin Chai

Kaori Sasaki

Michelle Tai

Mariana Sin

Sean Lee

Jai Kumar

Lora Frances

Grace & DJ

Sam Hah

Yenny Christine

Kylie Denis

Nina Watson

Raymond Lim

Robyn Lau

Sandra Woo

Shri Louis Lim

Susan Kee Thulin

Sze Sze

Yeonglee Chong

Yuki Peachy

Zephyr Liew

Rie Kuwahara & nong