[FREE] Afternoon Yoga -Foundational Flow- by Sandra Woo

[FREE] Afternoon Yoga -Foundational Flow- by Sandra Woo


SEP 1 | 2.30 → 3.30 PM | THE SQUARE

Foundational Flow focuses on assisting practitioners in strengthening their practice from the ground up, and aims to find the edge between comfort and growth in their practice. Approaching yoga with a growth mindset will challenge practitioners to be discerning when it comes to identifying their needs for progression and regression in their postures. This class will bring emphasis to strength and mobility drills and their appropriate applications in vinyasa and asana.

This is a free class. You don’t have to buy ticket or make reservation.

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Spots are not limited but may fill up quickly. So if you find good one, just lay your mats and practice with us. Don’t forget to bring your own mat!

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Please be at workshop venues at least 15 minutes before start time. First come first served basis.

Remember to bring your favourite mat!

Yoga mats are not provided at the event, so do remember to bring a mat along with you when you come.

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